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Self-watering wall planter 3PK

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What you get:

  • 3 wall planters - four 4" compartments and 2 watering holes each
  • hardware
  • installation guide with plant care instructions and drill template

 A piece of living art for your wall

  • easy to install and use
  • enjoy them inside or outside
  • convenient and space saving
  • come with a useful illustrated guide
  • minimalist design that will fit perfectly in any type of home decor
  • come in two colours: black and white
  • commercial-grade quality

Size: W10.5 x H11 x D5"
Material: ABS

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Natasha Skea
Beautiful for Living Wall

I have been using these wall planters for about 1 year. I grouped 9 of them into a square to create a small living wall.
Overall I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it. Ordering and shipping was simple, the product was as advertised and fairly good quality. With the right tools it was easy to install and has lasted well for the past year:
- when I water I find that often the water sloshes up through the screw hole and runs down the wall. I have solved this problem by putting black duct tape over the screw holes but I wish the screw holes were not in the same place as the watering hole.
- it's hard to know how much water to add. By trial error I have learned to water each section for 3 seconds once a week.
- the watering ports are awkward to access as the foliage grows thicker. I get by using a Haws long spout watering can.

Love my wall planter!

It was very easy to install the three boxes on my patio wall. The trickiest part was to find small enough plants to go into the four little pots. But it looks beautiful and I love that I only have to pour water into two holes and the plants will water themselves.

Britt Page
Great item, wish it had a water height window though

Overall, it's easy to install on the wall and plant. You do need to remove a plant on the top and one on the bottom row to see how much water is there so you don't overfill and have it run down the wall. I'm used to it now as this was my second order. Looks great as a living wall installation clustered together with overhanging vines, etc. Also love that I can go away for a week or so and the plants are still alive and watered when I get home.

Jill Mann
Green wall in school Phoenix Foundation via Foresters

Amazing prompt shipping and delivery and excellent communication! We are looking forward to planting our wall this June!


Absolutely love these! Our wall turned out great! Easy to put up, easy to plant and easy to water. Love!